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What will I be eating whilst on expedition?

You will be given ration packs; trust us they are tasty! They'll provide you with the energy you need for you exped.

Where will I sleep whilst on expedition?

You will be given a tent in your group to carry with you. Your instructor will take you to an appropriate spot and show you how to use the tent and equipment.

How do I take care of my personal hygiene whilst on expedition?

Out in the wild, there are no toilets, so be prepared to go back to basics. Your instructor will advise you on the best ways to manage your personal hygiene before you set off on an expedition.

What do I do if I need to go to the toilet when in the outdoors?

If you need to go to the toilet when you are on an adventure or expedition, let your instructor know. Here's some advice on what to do.


Wee with your back to the wind and onto soft ground. Squat or stand to wee. Make sure your clothing is out of the way. Wiggle yourself dry.


Find a well-hidden place away from any rivers. If you are on an adventure in England or Wales, you will need to take your poo away using the toileting tube and dispose of it when back at the centre. In Scotland, you can bury your poo, but you will need to make sure you put your toilet paper in a bag and dispose of it back at the centre.

Remember, weeing, pooing, and periods are normal parts of life - if you have any questions or need anything, please do ask any of the Outward Bound team whilst you are here.