What if I start my period?
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What if I start my period?

Pads and tampons are available from the dispenser in the shared toilets at centre. You can also get them from the Logistics Hub at any time. Your instructor will always be carrying spare products when you are away from the centre. If you are experiencing period pains, you can also ask for painkillers.

Swimming and gorge walking

You can wear a tampon or a pad in the water. A pad will get wet, that's okay. You can change it as normal afterwards

Expedition and camping

There are spare pads in the toileting tube. If you'd prefer to carry your own items, you can stock up before you leave. When out and about, find a well-hidden place or request some personal time in your tent. Change your sanitary wear as normal and then bag the rubbish in a disposable bag. Carry it with you back to the centre and dispose of it in a sanitary bin.