My Outward Bound adventure is due to take place when I will be…
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My Outward Bound adventure is due to take place when I will be fasting, what should I do?

If your adventure is planned when you will be fasting, there are a few options that will allow you to take part in outdoor activities and get the most out of your adventure, including working together to adjust your adventure in ways that will help you manage fasting whilst being active.

If you’re attending Outward Bound whilst observing a religious fasting period, we would like to understand how we can balance the energy required for physical activity with your fasting in a way that allows you to get the most from your course.

Before your visit, we’ll talk to your parents and teachers to better understand your needs when you are fasting. This allows us to design a suitable programme of adventures that are engaging, worthwhile and safe.

Some of the things we can do to help might be:

  • Discuss the programme of activities with you and plan a suitable experience together.
  • Planning more strenuous activities for morning time, when you have more energy, or late afternoon when the end of the activity is close to the time that you break your fast.
  • Choosing hiking trails that require less physical exertion and more time connecting with nature. Allowing time for extra breaks.
  • Providing information on our menus at mealtimes to help you understand which foods will give you lots of energy for the day ahead.
  • Making food available at the times you require.
  • Allowing time and providing facilities required for prayer.

To make these adjustments, we ask that you give us plenty of notice before your adventure is due to start. You can highlight that you will be fasting when filling out your Participant Information Form, or if you’re a teacher or employer, by speaking with your account manager.

For more information about fasting whilst at Outward Bound, click here.