Fund a scholarship

Will you fund a scholarship?

Will you give your support to a young person who needs it most? Will you help them to have their own life-enhancing Outward Bound adventure this summer? Your support could be their chance to reach their full potential.

We don't want lack of funds to stand in the way of any young person coming to Outward Bound. But the facts are that 80% of young people need financial help.

You can make a difference

Fund a scholarship and you'll give a disadvantaged young person from the UK the chance to realise they're capable of more than they think.

With your help we can increase the number of scholarships available to young people, regardless of their background and experiences. You'll help them achieve their full potential, now and into the future.

Why gift of a scholarship?

There are many reasons that people choose to support a scholarship. Maybe you benefited from Outward Bound in your youth and want to pay it forward, you might be doing this in memory of a loved one, or perhaps you'd just like a young person from a disadvantaged background to have the chance to realise that they're capable of more.

Make a donation of £1,500 and you'll enable one young person to take part in our 19-day Skills for Life Award this summer. Your scholarship will go to a young person in the UK who most needs your help.

Scholarship donors will:

  • Receive our latest evaluation report on the outcomes of our Skills for Life Award programmes
  • Experience first-hand the impact of your gift by having the opportunity to attend an end-of-course presentation
  • Receive a special thank you letter from the young person you supported.

Please complete the form below to make this special gift. Please donate £1500 to fund one scholarship (or multiples of for addtional places).

If you'd prefer to fund a scholarship through monthly donations please click here.

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