Secondary Schools & Colleges

I have seen a definite change in confidence, self-belief and behaviour. For some it has been the highlight of their year and they are already working towards being able to attend next year. It has opened up a new world to them. Director of PE, Sports and Community, Secondary School

We work with secondary schools and colleges across the UK, providing outdoor residential experiences in Snowdonia, The Lakes and The Highlands.

Our instructors are experienced, committed and highly professional with facilitation, technical skills and qualifications. Each group will have the same dedicated instructor for the entire duration. They have the ability and experience to both support and challenge young people throughout.

During the course, if appropriate for the group, participants will experience an expedition, where they camp out overnight and spend at least 24 hours away from modern-day amenities and distractions.  The expedition will be combined with other exciting and challenging activities such as gorge walking, rock climbing, cutter sailing or canoeing, we believe in immersing young people as deeply as possible in the natural environment and using all activities to further improve and embed learning.

As a charity we can offer bursaries of up to 40% of course costs to almost 70% of our participants, so that as many young people as possible can benefit from a high quality residential experience.


We work in partnership with you to deliver 3 and 5-day programmes which are tailored to meet your specific requirements and issues, from supporting effective transition and raising aspirations through to developing effective leaders. Throughout each course we focus on how soft skills and experiences can be transferred back into the home, school or work environment.

Specific and measurable course outcomes include:

  • Increased confidence and improved personal and emotional wellbeing
  • Improved relationships with others
  • Increased resilience
  • Increased confidence in learning
  • Increased knowledge and understanding of the natural environment.

Through our ongoing evaluation programme we are able to demonstrate the real impact our courses have on young people. For full details, please visit the Impact section of our website.

Employability Skills

Transitioning from education to employment presents a significant challenge for young people today. Find out how our courses can specifically address the skills and attributes that employees are looking for - Supporting Young People into Employment.


"Greater well-being can equip pupils to achieve academically....Government and schools must be conscious of the stress and anxiety that they are placing on pupils and ensure that sufficient time is allowed for activities which develop life-long skills for well-being."

House of Commons Education & Health Committees, 2017



  • High quality residential experiences
  • Financial assistance of up to 40% towards course fees
  • Experienced, committed and highly professional instructors with facilitation and technical outdoor skills and qualifications
  • Genuine wilderness locations for hugely impactful experiences
  • Research and evaluation with proven course outcomes
  • 24-hr pastoral care
  • All Food, accommodation, tuition and fully comprehensive insurance included.

Group price for up to 12 students and one free member of staff, start from £1,734 for a 3-day residential or £2,592 for a 5-day residential.

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In addition to being able to offer financial assistance of up to 40% of the course cost to over 70% of our participants. 

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STO Awards Best Residential Experience Finalist

STO Awards Best Adventure Experience Finalist 




You can choose from a range of themed courses, from Adventure & Challenge and Transition through to Team and Leadership as well as bespoke. Each course has a clear set of outcomes.

For secondary schools and colleges we recommend:

Adventure & Challenge (case study)
Engaging in Learning (case study)
Transition to Sixth Form
Leadership Skills (case study)
Credit & Qualification (case study)
Raising Aspirations (case study)
Teamwork Skills (case study)
Eco & Sustainability (case study)

Please get in touch to discuss your group's requirements, so we can advise you on the appropriate course.

Download our Developing young people, naturally flyer (pdf), which contains information about who we are, our approach, the environments we work in and the outcomes of our courses for young people in education.