Are you a confident individual who has a keen interest in drama? Or perhaps you're a parent, teacher or group leader who knows young people like this!

We are recruiting young people to star in a short film about Outward Bound.

This is ideal for young people keen on drama and eager to develop their acting portfolio. The video follows the journey of three young people who attend an Outward Bound residential.

Filming will take place near Ullswater, Lake District between the 2nd and 4th of April 2024. Young people must be comfortable and confident in the outdoors.

Character 1.



Age approx. 13-15.

Ethnicity: All Ethnicities.

She is bright and intelligent but lacks confidence and is still finding her voice. She is great academically and also enjoys sports and physical activities but tends to hold herself back from standing out in group activities.

As she starts her experience with Outward Bound she is initially reluctant and apprehensive about the experience. As she progresses, she gradually gains confidence through the experiences she has and interaction with the other kids. By the end we see her as a supportive and confident

Character 2.



Age approx. 13-15.

Ethnicity: Black / Asian / Multiracial.

He is a quiet and shy person with lots of potential but unsure how to develop these. He is good academically but feels he lacks skills for physical or sport activities. He is eager to learn more and fit in but doesn't know how to make those first steps.

As he progresses on his Outward Bound journey we see him gradually take part in the group with key moments of success in the challenges helping him not only overcome the physical tasks but also how he feels socially with the rest of the group. By the end he has made new friends and is a key member of the group that contributes.

Character 3.



Age approx. 13-15.

Ethnicity: All Ethnicities.

They are confident and great at physical and sport activities. They enjoy hanging out with friends and can easily make new ones. They are often the centre of the group and happy to take charge of situations. Sometimes they can be overconfident and don’t listen to other people’s advice.

As they start their experience with Outward Bound, we see them confidently take part in tasks and be the centre of the group socially. As they start to struggle with some of the challenges, they realise the value of listening to others and the support they can give. They also learn the importance of offering support to others as well.


Three – five positions to appear in the shots.

We need to be comfortable in the outdoors – walking, hiking, abseiling etc


Age approx. 13-15

Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

1-2 days shooting


You will need a headshot (it doesn’t need to be professional, just clear) and a short video to the camera of you acting out the test lines of the character you wish to apply for – you can apply for more than one role if you wish.

You will need a parent or guardian to confirm their consent for you to apply.

Once you've got that, just complete the form below and share a link to your image and video. Any issues or questions just drop us an email:


Character 1

"I'm not too sure. I'll have a go at it after you maybe."

"Do you want half my sandwich?"

"I think we're here on the map, so let's head this way"

Character 2

"I'm not sure I can do that"

"Here you can have some of these" Offering crisps to someone else

"Maybe it's better if we do it this way?"

Character 3

"Look at this! I won the game with that goal" - Show someone the goal on their phone

"I can do it, no probs"

"Thanks for the sandwich"