Rachel. Outward Bound Fundraiser
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Rachel. Outward Bound Fundraiser

Whilst on furlough from The Outward Bound Trust’s Fundraising Team I have been volunteering for the Maudsley Charity, an incredible organisation who support adults, children and young people working to improve their mental health in Central and South East London.
Rachel W 520x520
Rachel working at home for Maudsley

These remarkable individuals have been self-isolating within Maudsley's facilities during the nationwide lockdown, on extended stays away from their families and friends. The charity has needed some basic yet essential items, to help the individuals they are currently supporting through such unprecedented times.

I have been using my fundraising experience to reach out to businesses to secure items such as clothing, food, snacks, beauty treats, hand sanitiser and hand cream (to name just a few!)

The response was fantastic and Maudsley has been so grateful.

For Maudsley's patients and staff, these have been challenging times. For staff staying in hotels away from their own families, and for patients coping with the challenges that COVID -19 has bought us as a nation, on top of their existing mental illnesses. I hope that the items I was able to secure for the organisation have offered a little bit of comfort, and some light in the dark.

Whilst I cannot wait to be back at Outward Bound, I’ve been glad to be able to support the national effort, and feel incredibly proud to both work and volunteer in the charity sector.