Alex. Outward Bound Instructor
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Alex. Outward Bound Instructor

I’m an instructor at Outward Bound Ullswater. Outside work, I also volunteer for the Lancaster Area Search and Rescue.
Alex Hill OB
Alex working at Outward Bound

As part of that team, I am currently assisting Morecambe Bay Foodbank with their COVID-19 response and delivering food to those who need it most during this time. Deliveries have been to a complete mix of people from all walks of life. From those who simply cannot afford food - refugees, the elderly, people without a pay check last month; to those self-isolating for their safety. Each delivery is incredibly rewarding. As instructors we can still make a difference to those who need us the most at the moment, whether that’s in the mountains or not.

Alex Hill MB Foodbank 980 800 web
Alex on his volunteering shift
Stay safe, do what you can and let’s remember we are all in this together.