Being an employee ambassador

How to be the best...

You've done it! You've signed up to become an employee ambassador - working with 12 kids you don't know, taking part in all their challenges, whatever the weather... Whaaat? Sounds a bit out of your comfort zone? Well here's our 11 point guide on how to be the best employee ambassador ever!

1. Be open and have a bias to yes. It’s a cliché because it’s true. You’ll get the most from the experience if you reserve judgement and embrace all the opportunities the course offers.

2. Be brave! Parts of the course are supposed to be a bit scary! Lots of important life events (think exams, driving test, job interviews etc) happen when we are at least a little bit scared.

3. You are an expert! As a role model of worthwhile employment, you should be happy chatting about vital employability skills. This could be as simple as role modeling good behaviours eg timekeeping, listening and coming to each session prepared. Or it could be sharing your own career path with them.

4. You are not an expert! If you don’t find it easy to climb mountains, jump in cold water or cook in the rain, that’s cool. For young people, seeing an adult struggle alongside them, but keep going, is immensely powerful learning that they won't get at school.

7. Safeguarding. On the morning of day one you’ll be taken through a short presentation about how to keep yourself and the young people safe during the course. Keep asking questions until you are 100% sure you understand this and if you're in doubt at any point during the course, please just ask someone.

8. Learn from the young people. Recognising the curiosity of a 9-year-old, the excitement of an 11-year-old, or the passionate caring of a teenager can knock us out of our fixed routines and help us appreciate the world afresh.

9. ‘Before they care about what you know, they need to know you care’ - Willam Gasser. Don’t underestimate the value of simply being alongside young people on their literal and metaphorical journey. Having an adult voluntarily dedicate a big chunk of time to support them can be really impactful. Especially, as for some young people this can be very rare.

10. Be usefully selfish! If an employee ambassador knows what they want from the course (apart from wanting to help young people), and shares this with the Outward Bound team, it leads to a more successful course.

11. Have fun! It’s a week away from work (sort of). And the best way to learn, bond with the participants and represent your company is to have fun!

THANK YOU for volunteering to join us. We're looking forward to meeting you.