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2024/25 Mark Scott Leadership for Life Award

Thank you for your interest in the Award. Apply for a place using the link to the form below. You will need to be in the 6th year at a participating Scottish school in order to take part. The programme will start in Autumn 2024, with an online preparation element and a residential adventure and team building course in the Autumn term, with the community project to follow during the next 3-4 months after your return.

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There will be commitments required of you to take part in the Award. Please read these to ensure you are prepared for an able to meet your responsibilities as a participant:

  1. To attend short small group meetings once a week - in your own time.
  2. To participate in community investigation (online, by email and phone - to arrange a community project)
  3. To work with others to provide a project assisted by your project co-ordinator, which may require (if you choose) you to work with your team members to provide a service to your community.
  4. To be prepared to attend an adventurous and challenging training course at the Outward Bound Centre in Fort William for 5 days during term time.

You will need to commit time and effort to get the most out of the Mark Scott Leadership for Life Award. Taking part involves:

  • A pre-course meeting
  • 5 days out of school for the residential
  • Weekly project meetings outside school time, as agreed with your group
  • An evening Project Forum
  • Up to 3 project delivery days
  • A final 2 hour review meeting

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