The Award

The Mark Scott Leadership for Life Award

Partnered by The Outward Bound Trust

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A life changing experience

Over the course of a year, participants in the Leadership for Life Award make new and lasting friendships, test themselves in the great outdoors and then plan and deliver a local community project. Receiving the Award crowns a year of achievement and personal growth.

PLEASE NOTE: The 2020 Programme has been changed to ensure it is Covid-Safe.

Please go to the Covid page for up-to-date information on the Current Programme.

By taking part in the Award you will:

  • develop your talents through gaining experience of working in and leading a team delivering presentations, fundraising, networking and completing a project which benefits your local community
  • enhance your CV
  • learn skills which will help you in work and when studying
  • make new friends with people from neighbouring communities thus breaking down barriers
  • give something back to your school
  • help other people in your local community.
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The History of The Award

The Award is inspired by the life of Mark Scott, a 16-year old schoolboy who was murdered in 1995 in an unprovoked sectarian attack. In response to this tragic event, Mark’s parents, Niall and Judith Scott, established The Mark Scott Foundation in 1996 to help young people to develop their talents.

After a few years, the Trustees of The Mark Scott Foundation decided to develop and focus exclusively on The Mark Scott Leadership for Life Award. Through the Award the Foundation helped to bring together young people often separated by different backgrounds, sectarianism, racism or territorialism. Since 1998, more than 2,300 young people have taken part in and benefited from the Award.

The Outward Bound Trust partnered and supported The Mark Scott Foundation from the very beginning of the Award. Entirely dependent on donations and sponsorship to deliver the Award each year, The Mark Scott Foundation and The Trust relied on the generosity of a wide range of funders and the voluntary efforts of the Foundation’s Trustees and other individuals who provided additional administrative, advisory and programme support.

In 2012, Niall and Judith and the Trustees of The Mark Scott Foundation decided that The Trust should take over full responsibility for developing and growing the Award. The Outward Bound Trust is greatly honoured by the trust Niall and Judith Scott are placing in it by allowing the continued use of Mark’s name in connection with the Award.

In 2012, The Trust was awarded a significant grant by the Scottish Government which enabled us to increase the number of participants in the Award during the period from 2012 to 2015. This recognition of the value of the Award and the tremendous achievements of The Mark Scott Foundation and The Trust, provides a firm basis to realise its ambitious plans for the Award to continue to reach hundreds of Scottish young people over the coming years.