The Residential

The Mark Scott Leadership for Life Award

Partnered by The Outward Bound Trust

Loch eil 1600 coast exped group
Camping overnight on residential
2022 Award Programme

A key element of any Outward Bound Course are the amazing and powerful adventures our highly skilled instructors can provide. We're proud to say that the 2021/22 programme had one of the first residential training courses run nationwide, and we expect to run this residential again in the autumn term as usual.

The Training courses will be published here during the summer term, but due to the disruption of the Outward Bound Trust and our clients the exact dates of the residential courses are remaining flexible.

Sympathetic to the workload of our participants we guarantee that they will take place between return from summer holiday, and will be completed by return from the October Break.

If the exact dates are important to you when considering your application, please get in touch.

In 2022, all residential courses will be run at our Loch Eil Centre near Fort William, and as ever, transport from the central belt will be provided.

Dynamic outdoor activities, which can include rock climbing, abseiling, raft building and an expedition, all give the participants an experience of team work and personal challenge. Classroom sessions (often using the “big classroom” outdoors) also teach transferable business skills such as presentations, finance, project management and planning.

Sunrises are priceless on expedition, but so is the learning as participants work together and develop a new understanding of their abilities, and – importantly – of their fellow team members. Students look back on this element of the residential as the most challenging, but also as the part they have the greatest sense of pride and achievement in and this is often where the Outward Bound Instructors see the biggest development in confidence.

Other activities, both outdoors and, in some cases, classroom-based, seek to further develop understanding of self and others, and an appreciation of what the team is able to achieve together. All activities have a purpose and will be linked to further learning or achievement, both in the community project phase, but most importantly for 6th year and in preparation for their next destination.