Yvonne Talyor nee Fidler
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Yvonne Talyor nee Fidler - Rhowniar, Wales, 1974

I attended Rhowniar near Aberdovey Wales in 1974 or 1975. I cannot remember the month but I went as a Police Cadet from Essex Police. I remember the rock climbing and abseiling. I loved abseiling. I remember we once went to an old tin mine. And abseiled in the dark. I was first to go. I remember going down the rock face in the dark in the mine. I was first to go. Unbeknown to me suddenly I was on a free abseil in the dark and wet. I had swung out quite fast and ended up with my Camouflage trousers getting caught on a rock and tearing a hole in them right over one of my buts. LOL But I laughed. I was not scared others were. I remember telling the other girls what to expect and what to be aware of as it was in the dark. We all laughed later. I remember making a bivouac with others and seeing the foxes and other wildlife just walking on by. I remember being very scared when I capsized in the canoe at sea and not being able to get out of the canoe. Scary even though I was an excellent swimmer. I did learn things about myself. And believed this is where I learned to be confident in my Police Career and in other aspects of my life to date.