Tony Somerfield
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Tony Somerfield - Ullswater, The Lake District, 1964

U 87J I was picked to go from school, I had never been away from home before, so was very nervous,we arrived about 8:0 pm and there was loads of other lads
there, in the first 10 mins there was two fights !!!!
but after the initial pecking order rumbles it all sorted itself out,we were gathered in the common room,
then dispersed to our dormitories I was in Mummery patrol, after the month had gone by I really didnt want to leave I loved the continuous trials and tests ,I wonder if anyone remembers Helvellyn, or Catstyecam, or
Donkeys Ears,near borrowdale ,,,absolutely brilliant
times was the making of me, To Serve, To Strive, And Not To Yield,
that motto has seved me well over the years,