Tony Philcox
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Tony Philcox - Ullswater, The Lake District, 1959

I do not remember the way I was selected, I remember Mum & Dad sorting my clothes out, I was very proud of my new boots they had to be dubbined twice day to make them supple they had blakey studs for grip. When it came to the final scheme one of the students took a liking to my boots and left me their shabby ones.
The adventure started being put on a train in London we arrived at Penrith and then by road to the school. I remember being a little home sick. We were in to small groups/Patrols my patrol was OATS Patrol, our master was Mr Ryan he used to tell us mountaneering stories. on a rock climbing exersise he broke his ankle.
We were woken up at 06:00/06:30 and told to put on shorts & Plimsoles and go to the courtyard, we then run round the main building. the twist was we had to finish as a team the last patrol back had the pleasure of a extra 2 minutes in the ice cold shower.
We did some wonderful things canoeing, absaling, rock climbing, Swimming in the lake it all ended with the Final Scheme my patrol was taken and left with a map reference food and tent and we had to find our way back to school .
I left the Outward Bound Mountain School on 12th December 1959 a stronger and capable young man. I remember not wanting to go home and I remember shedding a few tears as we left (not that I would admit to it)
The worst thing about the whole experience was when I went back to school I had to talk to the whole school I did it thanks to

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