Tony Garry
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Tony Garry - Moray Sea School, Burghead Scotland, 1959

I attended Outward Bound course at Moray in August 1959. I was there sponsored as an apprentice by the BSA motor cycle company. It was no doubt a turning, learning point in my life. Discipline, organisation, hard work and most importantly team work. Brilliant!
I recollect being told on the first day that we would have 30 minutes relation between 1:00 and 1:30pm. To write letters or fill our log books for example. After day 2 I was never so glad as to be able to crawl onto my bed and sleep deeply for 30 minutes! The other experience was the Prince Louis (The Spewy Louie). I foolishly volunteered for oceanic research duties. It entailed pumping out the heads (toilets) for two hours each day. Great! The final mission was to ride by postman’s style bikes from Moray to Ben Nevis (2 days) climb Ben Nevis (1 Day) swap maps with another team and ride back (3 days) with all we needed on our backs. No SatNav or McDonald’s then!