Tony Baldwin
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Tony Baldwin - Aberdovey, Wales, 1950

At the age of 16 I had applied to join eagle oil and shipping Co as a deck apprentice.Part of the interview process involved attending the outward bound sea school at aberdovey to see if we were suited for a life in the merchant navy.I can still remember the train journey from my home in reading, and the thrill of arriving at the school. I was quickly introduced to my fellow students and we were divided into groups,before going to the fairly spartan huts that would. Be home for the duration of the course.
The following week was a blur of running ,climbing, learning to sail,swimming in the ice old sea and going aboard an ocean going sailing vessel. I must admit the sailing vessel experience was not one I longed to repeat. The smell below decks was ripe to say the least and gave me doubts about my future suitability for a life on the ocean wave.later on a sailing instructor told me the ship had been an onion carrier during its working life which explained a lot! I think that the onion ship was my worst experience at abet doves,but the camera die of my mates,the glorious countryside ,and the fact that the report from the school got me into my apprenticeship in eagle oil more than made up for it.
Aberdovey outward bound gave me my first taste of the sea,a boost to my confidence, and a warm memory all these years later.