Tom Seel
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Tom Seel - Aberdovey, Wales, 1965

I was at Aberdovey OB School either in '64 or '65 (sorry cannot remember exactly which)! I joined Blue Funnel as Midshipman in spring of '65. I remember I was in "St. Vincent" watch &, if I remember rightly, the name of the "officer" in charge of our watch was Mr. Crook (or Crooke - again not sure). Canoeing was our main "pastime". I really enjoyed my time there.

I finished serving my (indentured) time with AH & Co., & then served with them as 3rd. & 2nd. Mate until early '74. Blue Funnel/Glen/ED's were a wonderful company to work for & I think that their training was second to none. After leaving AH & Co., I joined "Swire Ship Management" out of HK & served with them as 2nd. & 1st. Mate until late '78. (All time with Swires was on the Bulkies).

I have lived in Japan for over 30 years - been married to a Japanese "girl" for 40 years now.

With thanks & very best regards,

Tom Seel