Thomas Metcalfe
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Thomas Metcalfe - Ullswater, The Lake District, 1957

Outward Bound Mountain School
Course No. U24 18.11.1957. To 14.12.57.
Thomas Metcalfe.
What's your story?
My story, is a simple story I am sure like many others. I am now in my 70th year and must say that the Outward Bound played a huge part in my life development skills and thank them most sincerely for that.
In 1957, I have never looked at not going to Grammar School a failure, just another direction that was right for me. A marrage of now 48 yrs, children & grandchildren, a retired College Lecturer, my attendance at Ullswater gave me a terrific boost and gave me a range of skills that have served not only me, but my family, friends and my students.
Life throws out many challenges and it takes a range of skills to cope. You develop these from a variety of sources from a early age, without question the range of skills that I was taught at Ullswater have served me well.
Fifty six years later I still remember almost all the events that happened on course U24. I have always wanted to do the walk between K Hut in Borrowdale and Black Sail Hut. We walked out of K Hut with full packs and after a short time we walked into an almighty full blown blizzard, a complete white out. With these Antartic like conditions, it was a true test not just for us boys but the skill of the Shackleton instructor, he kept our moral high and we all returned to K Hut safely. What an apt name for our patrol, Shackleton. They were indeed Antartic conditions.
What about this range of skills, learned over a few days in Wast Water, we mapped the area using a piece of wood on which was tapped a compass and a nail back and front of the wood... then climbed Scafell looked across to Lingmell and lined up the wood and nails,from one trig point to the other, take and record the compass reading, decend into the valley by running the screes. { almost took the back of my boots out } The other members of our patrol climbed other peaks and carried out the same exercise, on return to Josephs Barn at Wast Water Head we compiled our readings from each group. Back at Ullswater for our evening entertainment we drew up our map of Wast Water its valley and mountains.
In life we are offered many chances, I am so grateful I was offered the chance to attend course U24 of the Outward Bound at Ullswater.
Thomas Metcalfe.. Quartermaster of Shackleton Patrol.
Being the Quartermaster for Shackleton Patrol, it gave me that added skill of enjoying going around Sainsburys at weekends. Thanks!