Terry Garland
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Terry Garland - Aberdovey, Wales, 1957

I attended the Outward Bound Sea School in Aberdovey North Wales Oct/Nov 1957.
I recall the day we all arrived at the Train Station at Towyn and were told to put our bags in the truck. We were all a little shocked and surprised that we had to walk to the School.
The other thing I recall is the first morning awaking to this loud shouting and banging. And then being lead to the showers - what a shock to the system when there was no hot water! I've never heard so many ahs and hos!
Some of the guys I was with (cannot remember their names over the year, & with moving etc I have misplaced much of the notes I had. I still have photoss and my pin though!)
There were 3 or from London or Scotland.....
As I was a chef in training at the time of course, I was responsible for meals on our different trips. Like on the sail boat going fro Aberdovey down the coast of Wales I prepared some meals but everyone was so sea sick no one could eat.

Then the time we were on the 3 day hike to Mount Cader Idris. That was one day I really lost it as we had one guy - 6.3" and he was well ahead of everyone else. I caught up with him and told him we all move at the pace of the slowest guy - I though he was going to punch me out! We became the best of friends after that.
On the trip we were making pretty good time but got lost not far from camp and it seemed like it took us ages to get into the camp.
I was 17 when I attended the school and now am 73 but I still talk about it to my kids and grandchildren. I have also met several people who were also at the school but at different times.
One I worked with here in Canada. The other who worked for the same company as me - Mardon Son and Hall, Bristol England. I did not know him until his wife met my wife at their place of work (she is Canadian) and we went to England for a year so she could work and see the sights of England) They came to Canada February 1966 and we came back to Canada in August 1966, and have been very good friends ever since. On talking to both these guys like me they were In the Jericho Hut! But as I said, at different times....
Thank you and take care, Terry Garland