Terry Garland
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Terry Garland - Aberdovey, Wales, 1957

The one thing I can look back and laugh about is the day we went out on the sail boat for three (3)days I do believe it must have been some of the most rough sea's .As at that time I was working for Mardon son and hall in Bristol UK, as a trainee chef. So i was put in charge of the galley, The first day out all ate well the next morning porridge served for breakfast, (as all crew were sea sick none was served) We treid hot chocolate, again no one wanted it. I think those three (3) days were the longest some guy's had gone with out food when I look back at the the time at the outward bound it was some of my best times. Since I have been living in Canada I have worked with one guy and am freinds with another both who attended the school in Aberdovey Talk about a smal world. I was at the Aberdovey school October/November 1975 if any of your members were there at that time would be grat to hear fom them. Thank you Terry Garland