Terry Chandler
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Terry Chandler - Aberdovey, Wales, 1957

I remember arriving at the railway station and being met by a man with a land rover who took my case with others to the school, and being told to follow on behind. I was 15and felt completely out of my depth among all these strange young men, but I was soon to discover they all felt the same. Anyway I was in the Rodney watch, and I was amazed to read on the notice board that the following day I was to skipper one of the cutters.I approached the officer in charge and told him I had no experience of cutters, he said that as I was sponsored by the Somerset Yacht club I should be able to cope. I informed him that it was the somerset youth service that were my sponsors. he said it didn't matter I was to control the boat. I somehow manage it, and after which felt quite proud of myself.
My grandfather told me never to volunteer, but one morning at parade I did and found myself with two other lads driven to a sheep farm high up in the hills. Here we were given tasks to do to help with the sheep shearing. Mine. Was to place the sheep so that the shearer could do his job, but one ram nicked with his horn, and I still have the memento on my side. It appeared that all the farming families in the valley went to farms one at a time and sheared. It was a wonderful feeling to be part of this communal effort. When we left we were presented with cakes, sandwiches and fruit which we were delighted to share with the rest of the watch on our return. Funny for a short time we were very popular.
I recall leaving the school one morning at 6am on a hike into the mountains with rest of Rodney watch and walking all day to this building high in the forested hills. We spent several days there trimming the trees.in the evening we swam in the reservoir which was freezing, but so welcome after sweating away in the woods. Because we were in the middle of a heat wave it was decided to leave for home at 4am, and we arrived at mid day at the Dover estuary. It was here that we lay on the sand and for the first time in my life I fell asleep in the daytime. I do it everyday now.
One day we all had to complete a 8mile road walk. It was won by an Australian who never wore shoes.
Of course the cadre iris hike was the big test. Unfortunately the weather that day was foul, and it was certainly a test of our resolve.other than climbing the wrong mountain near to home, it went well.
The whole thing change me, and when I returned home I had the confidence to ask the girl out who is still my wife. So thank you outward bound for a wonderful experience and for giving me the love of my life.