Teresa Bates
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Teresa Bates - Rhowniar, Wales, 1967

I attended the course at the girls school in Rhowniar from 20th May to Friday 14th June 1967. There are so many memories from this course that have lasted over the years. Too many to write on this page. The whole course was a challenge which I thoroughly enjoyed. We took part in a Songs of Praise programme at St Peters in Aberdovey and we had the cameras focused on us at Barmouth as we were abseiling down the rocks. Two day courses hill walking camping out, abseiling. Sleeping on the beach, four day course hill walking on Cader Idris, sleeping out, rock climbing, canoeing. We had to give a four minute speech using a small card in the palm of our hand for notes. I chose Water as my subject. One of the other subjects was talking about The Outward Bound course. So many memories flood back as I recall one. One of the girls in my group tried to get in touch with all the other members in the group about fifteen years ago. She managed to contact me when my mother saw an advert in the local paper with my maiden name and my friends name. We send Christmas cards to this day. She said they were the best days of her life. I was reluctant to go on this course when my employer Joseph Lucas of Fazakerley, Liverpool first asked me to go, but I will always be grateful for them for sending me there. The motto was 'To Serve, To Stride, and Not to Yield. I have autographs of some instructors and one is of Cath Lilwall who was our main instructor.