Sue Carter
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Sue Carter - Ullswater, The Lake District, 1995

I had always loved the outdoors and the challenges it provides, so when the opportunity came my way for an Adventure Week, I snapped it up. On arriving I was overwhelmed by the size of the place, as I had only been to small centres in the past and it seemed like a maze to me. However I soon settled in and started enjoying the challenges.

One thing I had not counted on was how difficult the expedition was to be. Looking back at it I realised that it was by far the biggest challenge for me. I had not really done much expedition work and a 2 night camp carrying all our expedition kit and the climbing equipment seemed impossible I remember being the biggest moaner in the group about the weight of my rucksack and when my instructor said take mine, I soon stopped complaining!!!!! (A technique I now use myself when students are complaining :o))

I had considered the thought of being an instructor as a career and after realising what I could achieve on this course, there was nothing to stop me and here I am today a Senior Instructor at the Ullswater Centre :o)