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STUART JUBB - Aberdovey, Wales, 1965

I was 18 and the Outward Bound Course filled me with trepidation. I was entering the unknown, and it was to be my first time away from home for as long as 4 weeks. My lasting memories of Eskdale are all good but there was pain in achieving the goals! I have forgotten nothing about Outward Bound albeit now nearly 45 years ago. The uphill sprint, the circuit training, camping out alone overnight, the cross country run including wading through a river, the miles of orienteeing, walking on the Screes at Wastwater in driving snow, climbing The Old Man of Coniston in driving rain. The comradeship that developed. One particular memory was when a small group of us with laden rucksacks and ice picks were walking through deep snow high up in the Lake District, finding the going extremely tough. We then heard the sound of singing in the distance getting closer - eventually we came across some 12 schoolchildren and their teacher having no difficulties in making their way through the snow, running, laughing, and singing. We could only stand there in total amazement. After the month in Eskdale I was very fit, had a realy good sun tan and felt a huge amount of satisfaction and achievement. I look back now, and have done ever since 1965, at what I had managed to achieve through determination. Whatever I have been faced with in life by way of challenges since, and my initial belief has been that i could not achieve, has been to look back to my Outward Bound and then realise that I could overcome with success the most demanding and difficult obstacles. And It really does work - so the Outward Bound has truly helped me in life and I will always be grateful that Barclays Bank, my employer for 39 years, sponsored me to participate.