Struan James-Robertson
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Struan James-Robertson - Other Outward Bound Centre, 1970

The practices of Outward Bound I believe are fundamental to all youth work. All the work I have carried out during my career confirmed the immense value of residential experience; I found it was so time and again. During my career I acted as Director for over 100 short apprentice adventure and training courses and conferences for people from all walks of society, so my experience of Outward Bound was prominent in the development of my own methods. This work is emphasised in my book which I titled "How to Make a Man"�.

"How to Make a Man"� outlines the influences, including Outward Bound, which contributed to the development of my own training methods. Work such as Outward Bound is based on ideas as far back as those of Socrates, Thomas Arnold, Baden Powell, not to mention Kurt Hahn - and all arrive at the same values, opportunity and responsibility.

Although now retired for almost twenty years, I am still in contact with many who attended your Outward Bound schools and Brathay Hall during the 1970's, most of whom afterwards joined my team of voluntary young leaders, greatly enhanced by their experiences with The Outward Bound Trust. Over the years I have been involved with the attendance of over 50 young people at Outward Bound Schools and the like, both in this country and overseas.

I hope this gives some idea as to how The Outward Bound Trust has been a part of my life.