Stewart Christie
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Stewart Christie - Outward Bound Metro, Glasgow, 1956

As an engineering apprentice I was sent to the sea school at Moray in Aug/Sept 1956 by my company.
Captain McKenzie was head of the school and had just taken over from Captain Morgan.
I was elected captain of Grenville watch at end of first week by the other eleven members.
We sailed on the Prince Louis from Burghead to Invergordon and I was at the helm (under supervision) when we took her into the port through the narrow harbour entrance on engine power with the sails down.
That particular week of seamanship training vividly remained in my memory, and I eventually joined the British Commomwealth Shipping Company on completing my apprenticeship, and for the next 3 years I served aboard the Clan Davidson. This 8000 ton cargo ship was commandeered in 1941 by the RN and was named the HMS Bonadventure. During the war she had been the mother depot ship for the midget submarines which eventually sank the Tirpitz If it had not been for the Outward Bound I perhaps would not have joined the Merchant Marine and had the privilege of sailing on a ship with such a remarkable history.