stephen carter
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stephen carter - Aberdovey, Wales, 1988

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Hi there,
Firstly i am not pictured as i took the photo, it was obviously the rest of the dorm would be more helpful as a group to remember.

I joined the MOD as an apprentice in mid 1988 straight from school in engineering on military vehicles at the famous Tank Factory in Chertsey, i was quite shy and quiet and was told it was arranged that i was to go on an outward bound course. I remember the 10 hour train journey starting from Reading Station and costing £63.00, which i had to stand most of the way! Upon arrival i was a bit anxious of what was before me but soon realised that many others felt the same too, many good experiences and friends made quickly, remembering canoe jumping off the pier, climbing Cader Idris and abseiling down and potholing. The freedom was great and not to many rules, i remember 2 american guys in our dorm and a dutch national (names are well gone!) amongst others we had a great laugh.
Most embarrassingly i remember sitting on an open window and singing a Jason Donovan song as i fancied 1 or several of the girls.....oh dear how sad!
Anyway, i cannot say the experience didn't change my life as i left a lot more confident and realising most things were achievable and just as we all have different traits we can all work to support each other in anything. It was sad to leave having made some great friends.
I left the MOD in 2002 relocated from Surrey to North Scotland where we started a family, i have rebuilt our old stone/slate house and landscaped which i ended up through word of mouth and people seeing what i had done to my own house they wanted theirs done as well so made a business out of it since.
With my kids starting at primary school in Hopeman, Morayshire around 2012, i became a parent volunteer in school, parent council member, i ran the gardening club, the library, was a general lift and shift it guy, i ran a cross country club, also volunteered with an outdoor project called Earthtime, unfortunately it became a bit of a chore after 8 years and i struggled with how the way you could interact with children changed so dramatically i found it harder and harder to connect, so late late year i knocked it all on the head, i had given at estimate 1000hrs of volunteer time so felt it was others to step up.
I am currently running my business, plus also a beekeeper and now a volunteer coastguard rescue officer for HM Coastguard Burghead, inbetween training and call outs i have no time to think about what else to do!!

Would be great to hear from others from 32 years ago, i have some pics i will upload at some point if the sysytem alows me too.

Stay safe folks.