Stan Rogers
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Stan Rogers - Eskdale, The Lake District, 1953

I was on course 36 at Eskdale in October 1953 and have retained my diary. It is beyond belief that pretty near 60 years have passed since those halcyon days of youth. The memories of OBMS - just that one month of shared adventures with folks from all parts of the country and the team of superb instructors has remained indelible in my memory.

In the course of holidays "up North"� two visits to Eskdale have been essential. At 71 its nice to be able to tramp over the countryside for seven to eight miles at a relaxed pace - perhaps the 25 mile day trip over the fells in 53' had some effect/influence on me?

Rambling remains a vital activity for my wife and I apart from the busy years of bringing up the family, studying whilst doing full-time work and competing (and later officiating) in athletic and cross country events.

I for one will always treasure having had the opportunity of attending Outward Bound in those formative years.

(Mr Rogers kindly sent us his memories and we have published extracts on the Generations website with his permission.)