sonja briant
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sonja briant - Devon on Ashburton, 1963

Hello I attended Holne Park the very bad winter of 1963 The girls I met were the best ever and we had an amazing 4 weeks We kept diaries and task books which unfortunately have got lost over the years I wish I had managed to save them as I had a few addresses of the friends I made and I would love to have been able to contact them. Absailing, trekking
canoeing and most memorable camping on Dartmoor just miles from Dartmoor prison ( in what was one of the worst winters ever) and the last night's concert in which I and a friend performed "We're a couple of swells" All such fabulous memories I loved every minute.....The BBC made a documentary about us called "Do we want such Amazon's" An amazing time of my life which made me the person I am. Went to revisit only to find its now owned by the Natural Trust All of us will be in our late 60's now and I hope you have all had good lives X