Sandra Woodward
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Sandra Woodward - Eskdale, The Lake District, 1979

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7th - 28th April 1979.
Did the course have an effect? I'd say yes by the fact that I still have the diary and all the attachments lol. Memories and lots of fun.
I had to apply for the course through school and local council. Meeting up with so many new people from all warps of life. Most of which did not volunteer. Watching people grow as the days went by. Some struggling at the start only to find many strengths later. Loving every minute of it. Even choosing to jump in the tarn on our day off. Madness. Being suspended in a stretcher from the top of the building down to the front lawn, as a display for the 'Duke'. Asked by the Duke, "Did you enjoy that?"
"It was very nice Sir".
And "Were you going for a dip in the Tarn?" To which I replied, "No, I have enough of that every morning at 6.30".
A lovely way to meet Royalty, crash helmet and all strapped in!
The end of course concert we students gave the instructors was a blast. Our version of John Travolta and Olivia Newton John's, Summer Lovin'.....
"Summer nights in bed Nice and calm,
Summer days we'd jump in the Tarn.
Some of the nights we'd spend in a tent,
Walking the hills, my legs nearly went,
Summer nights we had it planned,
Walking round the Tarn hand in hand.
#But oh the weather, weather,
Out of bed, out of bed#
It's twenty past six,
#Out of bed out of bed#
It's the way I get my kicks.
#Ah ha ah ha ... Etc....
The hardest part was leaving.
Photo thanks to Jules 🙂