Sam Thompson
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Sam Thompson - Moray Sea School, Burghead Scotland, 1956

My Employer was Colvilles Steel producers. ( British Steel) and I was serving an apprentiship as an Electrical Engineer.
I was at the Moray Sea School August 1956and and a member of Hawkins Watch, names I remember are Martin Woolacott,
Sinclair Winshank, David Munro, Norman Cook, and somewhere I have a photograph with all their names. It was one of the great experiances of my young life and gave me the bug for Sailing. The joys of cold showers, Dipping Lug Cutters, Prince Louis, map references, a bike and a tent, and if you got the reference wrong then no food that night.
Great time great memories , hope to hear from someone. I came across sight after looking for a ship then I thought try Prince Louis and fond all this.