Ryan Horner
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Ryan Horner - Aberdovey, Wales, 2009

I have been on an outward bound before this, it was with the YHA assosiation (do it 4 real) nand i really enjoyed meeting new people and learning new ways to do adventourous sports. The best part was making new friends and getting to know people from other backgrounds to myself. but the last time i went i went with my local youth group, Milton Keynes Council, and i was introduced to the same Instructor who taught me before, and this was amazing as i learnt new techniques from the previous time, we climbed cadre idris and stayed in a hut on top of the mountain and slept there, it was cold and actually quiet cosy. the following day we returned to the centre and sorted our kit out and tackled the challenge wall, this was good as it required trust and belief in your fellow team-mates to get up and over the wall, we suceeded duew to the camping it brought us closser, the last full day we did something that was new to me, Cutter Sailing this was hard work and was actually rather cool to be riding the wind. This is My story from Ryan Horner