Roy Benwell
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Roy Benwell - Aberdovey, Wales, 1951

Outward Bound Course 105 Spring1951
Roy Benwell. 3rd row down, 12th from right on course photo.
Course 105 began on 7th April until 3rd May 1951.
Saw action as:
Ships Chandler during voyage preparation.
Helmsman on the Warspite on the first day sail across Cardigan Bay.
Rigging duty on the way back to Aberdovey.
Due to bad weather only part climbed Idris via Happy Valley & Bird Hill.
Got frostbitten knuckles & ear tips sailing gaff rig cutter.
Weather was too bad for the swimming tests.
Canoe test were particularly difficult because we had to persist with overturn test until we could achieve recovery success on our own with a paddle, Cold and wet a long time for me.
Washed each day in running cold mountain water after a 3 mile run.
Thank God for a full breakfast each day! The food was great

The Staff in picture are:
Messrs. Sparks, Duval, Davies, Watso, Fuller, Hugo, Deroiter, Lockerbie & Zimmermann(Director)