Roger Hey
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Roger Hey - Devon on Ashburton, 1965

I attended the 1-26 April 1965 course at Holne Park in Devon, and, whilst recently reading a report I had written for my sponsor, Barclays Bank, visited your website and was delighted to read the accounts of those who have also attended the various schools.

I was struck by the remarkable similarity of the happy lasting memories and the positive impact our experiences had upon us. I have no doubts that Outward Bound was a major shaping influence on my subsequent 47yrs in both my working and private lives.

I’ve attached a photo of Grenville patrol with our instructor, Michael Vining-Wilson, who was superb in moulding together 12 individuals into an effective and happy team. I can recall only the names of my fellow Final Scheme companions - Chris J Sprackling, Colin B Gourley (aka Gooley) and George Gershon - and that we broke the record for the quickest return to the school (entirely on foot and excluding instructors!). Our immediate reward from Mr VW was a Cornish pasty each, for which we received the bill on the following day.
I revisited Berry Head with my wife in October 2012 and the drop off the cliff looks even more daunting to me now and the coast guard station is just as Spartan.
“To serve to strive and not to yield” is not a bad old tenet to live by and learning that I did not know my own limits and capabilities has proved invaluable.
Posted 5 Nov 2012