Robin Hill
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Robin Hill - Aberdovey, Wales, 1955

I was elected leader of Rodney watch and was with a group of boys who were mostly from the Liverpool area whereas I was in my last year at public school. Our backgrounds and experiences of life were completely different but this made no difference to our relationships gained living and striving together.
The toughest assignment was undoubtedly the climb to the top of Cader from sea level and then returning home with those last awful miles along the main road from (I think) Pennal. Not far behind was the climb up Bird Rock. No ropes, no hard hats, just us as a team being filmed by Pathe Pictorial. In case it is not known, look at for a short film. I am in a red jacket with a shock of black hair seen sitting at the top at the end. Brings back memories!!
Achievements included high jumping 5' 6"�-not great but I had never cleared anything like that before; and being rather good at throwing the javelin. I have a photograph of the whole school and will try to send it to you. I could write more but have already exceeded the 150 words.