Robert McGinley
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Robert McGinley - Moray Sea School, Burghead Scotland, 1970

Hello. Memories has stuck with me all these years ago. I was an 18 year old apprentice engineer at Clyde Alloy Works in Motherwell when my Forman offered me the chance of a 2 week break at this "Outward Bound" I hadn't a scoobie what this was but agreed.Was told I needed to cut my hair(it was down to my waist) but decided,no way I'll chance it and arrived with my long locks.Think they understood,it was the 70's!, Well------ what a fortnight,highs and lows.The cold shower first thing before breakie was hell but it sure woke you up (can still here all the screams,think it was 10 secs min). I was fair chuffed when I was put on nite juty to man the phone hotline to the inshore lifeboat,I must have sat there staring at it waiting for it to ring but never did. Then the hike in the Cairngorms over Ben Macdui in a new pair of boots the instructor gave me(feet killing me) we then arrived at the Sinclair hut where we would camp,totally knackered. Well that was a no-no,leaders decided too windy to camp up here so pointed down to Loch Morlich area------that's where we're going😩😩😩 I remember getting into ma tent and stuff the rules and lite up a cigarette,instructor came and said get it out,I said I don't care.😡 Got back to the Centre and after a great shower found a tick on me,so someone put spirit on it an lite it for a second an off it came I think. It was while ther that my idol died--Jimmy Hendrix Remember one nite two or three of us sneaked out down to the pub for a beer and back without detection😎 The day we got training down at the harbour on the "Dipping Luger" as I remember it was called was brilliant,----I had a shot at the tiller,felt 10ft tall😀👍 The last day we all assembled in the hall for a speech and the handing out of the the certificates. We were asked if for any reason you didn't deserve the certificate put your hand up( one fag wasn't stopping me getting that certificate😬) so I received mine👍 All in all that experience has left its impression on me as to this day I enjoy the outdoor and especially the Munros (144 and counting still) and gave up smoking at 40 Yours R.McGinley