Robert Ian Smart
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Robert Ian Smart - Eskdale, The Lake District, 1961

As an applicant for position of Midshipman with Alfred Holt & Co of Liverpool I was required to attend an Outward Bound Course to ascertain any leadership qualities I may be hiding.

Eskdale course E115 starting end of August 1961. Warden Mr Tom Price, Chief instructor Mr Snowdon, Watkins patrol instructor Mr Hunter.

To serve, to strive and not to yield - that says it all. This motto has remained with me throughout my life and helped me deal with various problems encountered along the way - both health and employment.

A great start in life that every young person should be encouraged to experience although I do wonder what the dreaded 'elth and safety' gang have to say about some of the things we did as a youth!

Worst moment - first few seconds in the whimsey alongside the tarn early the first morning. That was a proper cold shower and no mistake. I did get to like it - masochist that I am.
Best moment - many but I pick out successful completion of the final scheme in which I led a bunch of very trusting young men over the mountains and back to Eskdale Hall on schedule. Amazing.
Lasting benefit - being able to work as part of any team I encountered and to make valuable contributions.

Would I go again? Yes!