Robert Hutton
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Robert Hutton - Moray Sea School, Burghead Scotland, 1962

As one of the " under privileged kids " from Glasgow, I was sent by my school, I think because my teachers saw something in me that I didn't. I was also very involved in sports and outdoor activities, and I thought fairly fit. Little did I know that my month long course would push me beyond limits I never imagined. My week in the Cairngorm Mountains in April snows, although physically exhausting, brought out the team spirit in our Keppel watch. The outdoorsy types like myself had to assist the " city " boys who had never experienced this type of adventure, however the tables were turned when we did our week at sea on the schooner, the " Prince Louis ". It was the turn of the " city " boys who had sailing experience to assist us landlubbers who had never experienced the North Sea at it's foaming worst. I still remember our mountain leaders name, " Mr Ferguson ". He was the recipient of our team spirit in the middle of our mountain trek. He had twisted his ankle severely, falling through the snow, and within minutes, the team had divided his pack between us to help lighten his load. There was no discussion, it just happened. The experience of this course gave me a self esteem I never had before, and I strongly believe that any of todays youth would not only gain great personal benefit from Outward Bound, but would also give them one of greatest enjoyable adventures of their lives. I do believe that my experience on this course taught me that just because you come from an under privileged background, there are few things that you cannot overcome. I have now retired in Mexico, after spending over 45 years in Canada. In my last position, I was Vice President of Design & Construction for an International corporation, and travelled extensively around the world. If someone had told me that this was in my future when I was 15, I would have told them they were crazy. Believe in yourself, nothing is impossible. ps: unfortunately I lost all records and photographs of my experience in a house fire. Any and all pictures that my team mates have, would be greatly appreciated. Regards Rob Hutton.