Robert Gordon Wakeling
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Robert Gordon Wakeling - Moray Sea School, Burghead Scotland, 1973

I owe your school so much. 2 years after I attended I emigrted to Canada and joined the Fur trade with the Hudson's Bay Company. OBT taught me self reliance which can in useful in the Canadian bush where if something broke you figured out how to fix it or did without. I cannot remember the names of the people who i attended with nor the instructors, but i remember them all. I remember sailing Loch Ness, I remember navigating the Laraigh Ghru (sorry about the spelling), i remember too my solo night. I thank OBT for taking an inner city Scots kid and training a world citizen. I ahve so many stories - but my favourite was when leading a snowmobile expedition between two communities in Northern Manitoba. I was the one who managed the steering ad course - almost in spite of the aboriginal guides who were clearly lost. Again I drew upon my OBT training. There is so much. I hardly know where to start or to stop!