Robert Cooke
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Robert Cooke - Moray Sea School, Burghead Scotland, 1964

I was a member of Vernon Watch in June1964. I believe the course number was M163.
Who could ever forget the wonders seen and enjoyed during this month. The total exhaustion, almost to the point of collapse at times pales into insignificance against the memories of being caught in a squall in one of the cutters we took out from Burghhead; having seals pop their heads up alongside the canoe on the journey from Applecross to Loch Duich;watching the sheet of rain roar down the valley until it enveloped us in Glen Gour;sleeping on the pebble beach while resting as we paddled Loch Carron;seeing the full extent and majesty of the Mamores and Ben Nevis as we headed towards Loch Linnhe;looking down at the Prince Louis at anchor as we descended from Ben Resippol like boys running away to sea. So many wonderful memories which have not faded with time. An experience for which I will always be so grateful.