Robert (Bob) Wlison
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Robert (Bob) Wlison - Aberdovey, Wales, 1963

Hello my name is Bob Wilson I attended course number 230, many years ago but the experience has stayed with me all through my busy life.
Even to this day when talking about my life, Aberdovey O.B.S.S. has many good and treasured memories.
Our 5 days out on the mountings was the highlight of the 4 weeks some of the funny things like camping in a field full of cows to find out in the middle of the night they liked my bed so much they where trying to join me.
I would like to visit the centre at sometime if this is possible to see the changes and what is the same after so many years, while I was there our course helped to build a swimming pool.
The picture shows Mr John Feather with our watch I'am on the far left bottom row, (looking at photo).
Yours Faithfully Bob Wilson
p.s. look forward to your reply and comments