Richard Williams
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Richard Williams - Aberdovey, Wales, 1961

I attended the Sea School at Aberdovey from December 28th 1961 to January 23rd 1962.I was recommended by my Youth Club and the local Outward Bound Committee sponsored me.
I remember rowing naval cutters up and down the estuary,rock climbing and abseiling on the cliffs.The trek to the log cabins and the days work we did for the Forestry Commission,were part of that trip.We were late back from our climb of Cader Idris and I remember how glad we were when we saw the light of the cabin.
The highlight of my time was going to sea in the Golden Valley a converted trawler,skippered if my memory serves me right by a Captain Williams. Going out over the bar at Aberdovey caused a few to be seasick.
It was a wonderful but cold month at Aberdovey,an experience I wouldn't have missed,I still treasure my badge and I don't think I have ever been as fit as when I returned home from Aberdovey.To Serve to Strive and not to Yield.