Richard Vesey
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Richard Vesey - Aberdovey, Wales, 1964

I still remember my course at Aberdovey all those years ago. The people I met from completely different backgrounds. The fun we had . I remember the cutter expedition when we had the wind with us on the outward and return "voyage". It was a brilliantly sunny day and we raced through the water even trying to pick up the fishing lines of the cuttter in front, but they soon reeled them in when they spotted us. We saw a less fortunate watch rowing back, from the rocks when climbing a few days later. The 3 day expedition stands out as one of the gruelling aspects. It was in bad weather and I had to carry the tent which didn't get any lighter ; those carrying food had better luck!
I remember losing my foothold near the top of a climb and being held on the rope by a team mate until I regained it. " Saved you!" he said when I reached him a few moments later. We learned to trust one another and support one another, lifelong lessons.
I so enjoyed my time at Aberdovey that I encouraged two of my children to go ; both my son Matthew and my daughter Christine did courses at the centre.
The love of the outdoors, and adventure it engendered, has lead to many walking trips in the Lake District, Yorkshire Dales, Scotland and Wales and treks in Peru and Nepal.
Long may Outward Bound continue and its faith in young people be sustained.