Richard Hulley
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Richard Hulley - Moray Sea School, Burghead Scotland, 1957

I attended Course No. S.72 between 26 Aug and 21 Sep 1957. I still have my report. Honours II, me! Lieut Ram, RN was the Contributing Officer. I was the youngest in my watch (Hood) being 14 and 7 months. I have a photo of the group and on the back the names I can make out are: Adair, P Sergeant, D Mc Cormack, Davie, Paul Beckwith (or Beckwill?), Birse, and R Willis. I notice that in Athletics I was able to do a 5 mile walk in 54 minutes and 32 seconds.....gracious me, that is rather good. I didnt do well on the Spewy the middle watch, on my turn at the helm, I followed the Lubbers LIne and we went round in half circle. The Captain was very grumpy when he was called. As a young Glaswegian from Scotstoun West the Moray Sea School prepared me well for joining HMS Ganges the following begin a 30 year career in the Royal Navy. It was happy and challenging time....I loved it!