Philip Greaves
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Philip Greaves - Eskdale, The Lake District, 1966

When I attended, i was on course E161, I promised a young lady from my work place that i would send her postcards, these turned to letters,she met me when i returned on the train to Manchester, we were in love, and married in 1969. I then joined the North Wales Police, my report from the O.B.M.S. was the first thing given to my application, I am now retired.

Whilst on the course, I looked forward to the morning dip in the tarn, I managed to walk a tightrope,i will never forget the life changing challenges put to me on the course,it did alter my life style, I have looked at my report, and i am 3 0zs more than i was in 1966, i weghed myself after returning from my over 60s free swim at my local pool.