Phil Kemp
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Phil Kemp - Eskdale, The Lake District, 1960

I have read two accounts (from Colin Fry and Pete Maher) about the April 1960 course at Eskdale. I am confused. I was there. I remember a lad died and another was hospitalised. As I recall, it was the first 'scheme'. We (Shackleton patrol) went to a col above Wasdale for the night. The morning (April 12) was - to put it mildly - ugly; we went to Wasdale Head to regroup. We stumbled back to the school on the 13th. Part of Scott patrol was still missing, so search volunteers were called for. They returned on the 14th with sad news.
Thus far, my memory matches Peter's; Colin's has the incident on the final exercise - which I remember as being in reasonable weather. I'm accustomed (now) to forgetting things, but I still have my log book of the time - which we were required to keep - and I doubt if I'd have forgotten stuff then.
Colin's account names Roger Putnam as CI; my log name John Snowdon (and Pauline Hill as Matron).
Can we both be - in some strange way - right?

I value my experience with Outward Bound. I did things I doubted I could. I look on some of today's challenges and think "That's nothing compared to 1960...."

I climbed cliffs and mountains frequently till 2003 and a major mountain fall - and brain injury. Now I'm retired and 'just' a hiker - and struggling to keep up with the younger (60+) trip leaders.. /Phil