peter sim
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peter sim - Devon on Ashburton, 1967

I went to Devon in Feb !967 on a 4 week course through Bangor Grammar School and its Army Cadet unit.The first challenge was getting there by ferry and train from Northern Ireland!
It was a rigourous course but, with a fear of heights, doing the high ropes wasa great achievement.
Our Solo expedition was undertaken during a blizzard and in the morning I found that most of the rest of the patrol had also retired to the school stables rather than be flooded out of our bivvy.When we turned up for breakfast we were told we had already got our food so we cooked it in the dormitory before being put on standby to search for 11 Junior Leaders lost on Dartmoor.
It was very enjoyable in retrospect and I have kept my association with OB through Northern Ireland OBA and the Project Management Team