Peter Grant
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Peter Grant - Aberdovey, Wales, 1959

To be accepted as a Midshipman with Alfred Holt & Co
of Liverpool I had to successfully complete an Outward Bound Course.

I was awarded an 'Honours' Badge with a Red rim.

This award stood me in good stead for a Seafaring Career.

I retired on 1st December 2009 after 50 years 'At Sea'

I left King George V Dock London on the 30th September 1959 as a Brand new 'Green Behind the Ears' Cadet/Apprentice. (In Blue Funnel Cadets were
'Midshipmen'.) onboard the 'GLENGARRY'.
Ironically I flew into London City Airport on the 1st December 2009 from Rotterdam after Piloting the
'Damavand' an Iranian 300,000 DWT crude tanker 22 meter Draft.from Cherbourg to Rotterdam.

1959-1971 Blue Funnel & Glen Lines Cadet to 2nd Officer.
1972-1976 Esso Petroleum Co. 2nd Offr/Chief Officer.
1977- 1987 C.P.Bulkships. Chief Officer/Master
My First Command was the 'G.A.Walker' a Product Carrier moored at King William Sound Falkland Is. in1983.
1988-1990 Various 'Foreign Flag' Jobs as Master
1991-2001 Master with 'Red Band'(Fred Olsen Tankers)
2002-2009 Trinity House Deep Sea Pilot.