Noel Thackaberry
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Noel Thackaberry - Aberdovey, Wales, 1980

Outward Bound Aberdovey 1980
I was a Police Cadet between 1979 and 1981. In 1980 or 1981 I was sent to do my Outward Bound at Aberdovey. I was a bit nervous about it all and of course all your mates tell you the 'horror stories' of what it was like when they were there. It wasn't that bad! The worst thing was getting up early every day to go swimming before breakfast - flipping freezing! The highlights for me was the trip out to a Welsh forest (they did rally stages there?) and being dropped one by one at a remote location, with an orange and a Mars Bar I believe. We were then told to stay out overnight, make our own bivvy and given a location to rv at the next morning. Scary, exhilarating but awesome too. Another great memory is a hike to Cader Idris. Being a fit young man then, a couple of us decided to run up it! All well and good until we got to the top and some heavy clouds rolled in; found a shelter to sit in for a while. I also experienced for my first go at rock climbing and abseiling. All great fun too.

Another momentous occasion was when some Radio 1 DJ's came to the Centre while I was there to record a special programme about the 40th anniversary I think. I cannot recall who the DJ's were; maybe David 'Kid' Jenson and Peter Powell?